What to make of it

Here we sit just over a month away from our return to France and our 8th season across the pond.   To us it seems that we have just finished doing the laundry from our last two years of travel and  we are off yet again.

When compared to the trajectory of the first 7 years on Vivante, we have definitely shifted our course this summer. Time actually cruising is only a bit less than 2 months with a snip on either end to wake the old girl up and put her to sleep.  A hike around Mont Blanc follows and then off for a driving holiday to Lithuania, Denmark and Norway. The year ends in Nice renewing friendships formed over the last couple of years of out and about.

This order of march has taken shape slowly, informed by the prior 20 months of meandering around the world absorbing a kaleidoscope of sights and experiences. Surprisingly, this journey has proved maddeningly difficult for us to process much less share with others.  We are fearful that our friends and family here in the States think that we have well and truly sprung a cognitive leak based on our consistently lame responses to their very reasonable question;

“How have the last two years changed you?”

Honestly, I think that everyone really does want to know but since it is not their experience, a little knowledge goes a long way.  After a few stabs at an extended response to that question, we have made a tactical retreat.  Luckily, Carol has developed an effective elevator pitch that strikes the Goldilocks balance of not too much, not too little information. I, however,  left to my own devices,  am more likely to mumble  “Too early to tell” and quickly change the subject.

In reality, that may actually be closer to the truth than we would like to believe.   In fact, I am not sure humans are wired to rationally grasp and foresee the full impact of life’s major events and experiences on the future arc of our short existence here.  Understanding those shifts are perhaps only possible by observing the actions taken over time as one goes about reshaping their remaining life.

I realize that some of you stalwart readers that have irrationally remained on the distribution list of this woefully neglected blog can be forgiven at this point for thinking “What the hell is he talking about???”

Have faith. Those of you who have been on board for a while probably have already sorted that I am not the most linear of thinkers and sometimes let time and space wander around a bit before falling back into normal order. (Too many Christopher Nolan movies, no doubt.) 

So never fear, I promise more puzzle pieces will be forthcoming.  Think of it as “moonwalking a la Michael Jackson” through time to get back to our future afloat on Vivante.







About bargevivante

Owners of Vivante, a 23m Katwijker built in 1911 (the same year as the Titanic). Our U.S. residence is in St. Petersburg, Florida. We are sailors who have covered the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico in our Sabre Intermezzo.
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