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There and back again

We are back at our place in the “Shire” (read: condo in St. Pete) after our three month journey.    We slayed no dragons and battled no trolls, although we did pass through some mountains.  Vivante is snoozing quietly, awaiting our … Continue reading

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la peinture

My major tasks to be completed upon returning to our home base of Toul revolved around peinture (paint). Our tribord water tank had some rust areas that needed to be dealt with and our main deck is in pretty bad … Continue reading

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One of the joys of travel is the process of coming home.  Frequenting familiar places, catching up with old friends, falling back into the routines that feel comfortable, like a pair of old shoes.  This is as much a part … Continue reading

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Fete de Rouge in a petite ville

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